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    Rhineland-Palatinate [puh-lat'-i-nayt] can today be found in the middle Rhine River valley in the west of Germany, bordering France and the state of Saarland to the south, Luxembourg and Belgium to the west, and the states of Nordrhein-Westfalen [North Rhine-Westphalia], Hessen and Baden-Wüttemberg to the north, east and southeast, respectively. The capital is Mainz. Other important cities are Kaiserslautern, Koblenz [Coblenz], Ludwigshafen, Pirmasens and Trier. It should not be confused with Oberpfalz [Upper Palatinate] which is part of present-day Bayern [Bavaria].  The state has an area of 19,850 square kilometers (7,664 square miles) and a population of 4.030.773 (1999) (2.055.512 women and 1.975.261 men). This are 203 persons per square kilometer.
    Prior to German unification in 1871, parts of this area were called the Rheinpfalz and was owned by the kingdom of Bavaria. See the History section for more information.

    Small Rheinland-Pfalz Map

    In 1900 the Bavarian Rheinpfalz had the following (13) Bezirksaemter (counties):
    Bergzabern, Frankenthal, Germersheim, Homburg, Kaiserslautern, Kirchheimbolanden, Kusel, Landau, Ludwigshafen, Neustadt/Hardt, Pirmasens, Speyer, Zweibrücken.

    In 1890, the province of Rheinhessen (cf. History) had the following (5) Kreise (counties):
    Alzey, Bingen, Mainz, Oppenheim, Worms.

    In 1890, in the province of Rheinhessen (cf. History) the highest court in the Grandduchy of Hessen was the Oberlandesgericht in Darmstadt. The provincial court for Rheinhessen was Landgericht Mainz with (11) Amtsgerichte:
    Alzey, Bingen, Mainz, Niederolm, Oberingelheim, Oppenheim, Osthofen, Pfeddersheim, Woellstein, Woerrstadt, Worms.

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    Note: the Family History Library records system divides the region into two distinct entities, "Rhineland" and "Pfalz". The latter is listed under "Germany, Bayern" while the former can be found under "Germany, Preussen, Rhineland", i.e. a system reflecting the 1871 territorial arrangements.

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