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Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)

German Genealogy Home Page: Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen)

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  • General Information
  • Genealogical and Historical Societies
  • Genealogical and Historical Records
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  • Archives and Libraries
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  • General Information


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    Genealogical and Historical Societies

    Genealogical and Heraldic Societies:

    Historical Societies:

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    Genealogical and Historical Records

    Church Records:

    The church records of the Evangelical Lutheran State church of Hannover are in general in the individual church offices or church records offices. Microfiche copies from the beginning of church records to 1852 may be examined by appointment in the Kirchenbuchamt Hannover (Hannover church records office), Hildesheimer Str. 165/167, D-30173 Hannover, Tel. 0511/9878555

    The evangelical church records of the former state of Braunschweig (Brunswick) from the beginning to 1814 are in the Niedersächsischen Staatsarchiv Wolfenbüttel (state archives in Wolfenbuettel) and may be examined there in photocopy. The duplicate copies for the period 1815-1875 are also archived there. Microfilms of the church records of the county of Goslar can be examined in the Landeskirchlichen Archiv (state church archives) in Braunschweig.

    Duplicate copies of the evangelical church records of the former duchies of Bremen and Verden from the period 1715 - 1852 are in the Niedersächsischen Staatsarchiv (Lower Saxon state archive) in Stade.

    The Lutheran church records of the former State of Oldenburg from the beginnings to 1800 can be examined in microfiche form at the archive of the High Consistory (Oberkirchenrat) and at the State Archive in Oldenburg. The State Archive also keeps the duplicate church records of the period 1801-1875.

    The church records of the former State of Schaumburg-Lippe are available at the State Archive in Bueckeburg.

    The Catholic church records of Lower Saxony are in the bishopric archives of Hildesheim, Osnabrueck and Vechta and can be examined there in microfiche form.

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    Gazetteers and Maps

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    Archives and Libraries

    State Archives:

    Church Archives:


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    Miscellaneous Subjects

    Professional researchers:


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    Other Internet Resources

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    Predecessor States, Historical and Geographic Regions

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