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Lippe (-Detmold)

Political Division in Lippe

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Due to the decree of Earl Simon V. of  29.09.1535 Ämter were formed in Lippe that were responsible for administrative and judicial matters as the lowest instance of the administration and the justice of the Land. The Ämter are subdivided in Vogteien. In 1879, the Ämter are replaced by Verwaltungsämter for administrative matters and by local courts for justice matters. Within the new founded Verwaltungsämter there were "other" smaller Ämter formed by rural communities. The individual Ämter:

Amt Alverdissen
In 1613, the Amt Alverdissen is transferred to Earl Philipp zur Lippe, the founder of the Schaumburg-Lippe line, as Paragialamt (compensation with real estate). In 1812, the Amt is bought back by Lippe-Detmold and dissolved in 1879.

Amt Barntrup
Independent Amt since the 16th century. From 1733 to 1771, it is pawned to Hannover. In 1812, it becomes part of the new Amt Sternberg-Barntrup.

Amt Blomberg
The Amt Blomberg is from 1613 to 1709 Paragialamt (compensation with real estate) of the Lippe-Brake line, from 1748 on of the Schaumburg-Lippe line. After the decree of 1838, the territorial sovereignty is returned to Lippe-Detmold, however, there is a co-existence of Schaumburg-Lippische administration of the Amt and the administration of territorial sovereignty of Lippe. The Amt is dissolved in 1879.

Amt Brake
From 1613 to 1709 the Amt Brake is Paragialamt (compensation with real estate) of the Lippe-Brake line. In 1748, the Amt is finally integrated in Lippe and dissolved in 1879.

Amt Detmold
In 1535, the Amt Detmold included the Vogteien Detmold, Falkenberg, Heiden, Lage, Schötmar and Oerlinghausen. In 1730, Schötmar becomes an independent Amt. The same happens with Oerlinghausen in 1746. In 1806, Lage and Heiden are separated out as new Amt Lage. The Amt Detmold is dissolved in 1879.

Amt Hohenhausen
The Amt Hohenhausen is formed by separation of the Vogtei Hohenhausen out of the Amt Varenholz, which is dissolved in 1879.

Amt Horn
The Amt Horn existed since 1535, and is dissolved in 1879.

Amt Lage
In 1806, the Vogteien Lage and Heiden are separated out of the Amt Detmold and preliminarily combined to the new Amt Lage, in 1823 final combination to the Amt Lage. The Amt Lage is dissolved in 1879.

Amt Lipperode
In 1613 the Amt Lipperode falls to the Lippe-Alverdissen line, later to the Schaumburg-Lippe line. In 1748, Lipperode is returned to Lippe-Detmold. The Amt is dissolved in 1879.

Amt Oerlinghausen
The Vogtei Oerlinghausen is separated out of the Amt Detmold in 1746 and formed the new Amt Oerlinghausen, which is dissolved in 1879.

Amt Schieder
In 1621, the Amt Schieder comes to the Lippe-Brake sideline as Paragialamt (compensation with real estate), from 1709/48 to the Schaumburg-Lippe line. In 1780 the Amt falls back to the Lippe-Detmold line, and is dissolved in 1879.

Amt Schötmar
In 1730, the Vogtei Schötmar was separated out of the Amt Detmold and formed the new Amt Schötmar, which is dissolved in 1879.

Amt Schwalenberg
From 1323/58 the Amt Schwalenberg was Samtamt of Lippe and the Hochstift (Prince Bishopric) Paderborn. Since  1808 exclusive property of Lippe, dissolved in 1879.

Amt Sternberg
Independent since the 16th century, from 1613 to 1709/48 Paragialamt (compensation with real estate). In 1812, it becomes part of the newly formed Amt Sternberg-Barntrup.

Amt Sternberg-Barntrup
The Amt Sternberg-Barntrup is formed in 1812 for the combined administration of the Ämter Sternberg and Barntrup that had previously been independent, and is dissolved in 1879.

Amt Varenholz
Independent since the 16th century. In 1851, the Vogtei Hohenhausen is separated out and forms the new Amt Hohenhausen. The Amt Varenholz is dissolved in 1879.


With the separation of administration and justice in 1879, the Ämter are dissolved and their functions are transferred to the Verwaltungsämter and the local courts. In 1928, Landratsämter replace the Verwaltungsämter, these Landratsämter are dissolved in 1932 when the Landkreise (counties) Lemgo and Detmold are founded. From 1879 to 1932 the following Verwaltungsämter or Landsratsämter existed:

Blomberg (included new formed Ämter Blomberg, Schieder, Schwalenberg)
Brake (included new formed Ämter Brake, Hohenhausen, Sternberg-Barntrup, Varenholz)
Detmold (included new formed Ämter Detmold, Horn, Lage)
Schötmar (included new formed Ämter Oerlinghausen, Schötmar)

Landkreise (Rural Districts, Counties)

County Detmold and County Lemgo
In 1932, the Landkreis (county) Detmold is formed by combining the Landratsämter Detmold and Blomberg, the Landratsämter Brake and Schötmar form the Landkreis (county) Lemgo. Already in 1928, the Verwaltungsamt Lipperode-Cappel was assigned to the Landrat Detmold. For the former administrative districts respectively for the  Landratsämter Blomberg, Brake, Detmold and Schötmar bailiffs are appointed as authority of the newly created counties for the administrative districts. This institution is abolished in 1969.

Kreis Lippe
In 1973, the county Lippe is formed by combination of the counties Detmold and Lemgo.

Kurzübersicht über die Bestände des Nordrhein-Westfälischen Staatsarchives und des Personenstandsarchives Westfalen-Lippe. Detmold, 1994

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