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German Genealogy: Publishers for Eastern Europe

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(see also our General List of Publishers dealing with Genealogy )


for more details about publications, see Habsburg Empire Literature (E)

Verlag des Bibliographischen Instituts

Publishes the Atlas of the Austro-Hungarian Empire 1892 which contains reproductions of 13 maps published in 1892. There are separate maps with town-name indexes of the following areas: Austria-Hungary; Upper Austria; Lower Austria; Salzburg; Styria; Carinthia; Carniola and Istria; Tyrol; Bohemia, Moravia, and Austrian Silesia; Hungary, Galicia, and Bukovina; and maps of Vienna (2) and Budapest. Small towns and hamlets are not on the maps. There is a general town-name index (18 pp) for all maps. Spiral binding, 17" x 11". 80 pp, $17.75

Verlag Degener & Co.

This is probably the most prolific genealogical publisher in Germany.

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Everton Publishers

Among others, offers the book Central European Genealogical Terminology which deciphers the more common genealogical terms (including church records) from German, Latin, French and Hungarian, into English. With shipping, it costs US$14.50.

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Genealogy Unlimited

This publisher offers

(AUS002) Atlas of the Austro-Hungarian Empire 1892. This atlas contains reproductions of 13 maps published in 1892 by Verlag des Bibliographischen Instituts. There are separate maps with town-name indexes of the following areas: Austria-Hungary; Upper Austria; Lower Austria; Salzburg; Styria; Carinthia; Carniola and Istria; Tyrol; Bohemia, Moravia, and Austrian Silesia; Hungary, Galicia, and Bukovina; and maps of Vienna (2) and Budapest. Small towns and hamlets are not on the maps. There is a general town-name index (18 pp) for all maps. Spiral binding, 17" x 11". 80 pp 17.75

Maps from 1:2000000 down to 1:75000 scale are also offered.

Toll-free order line: 1-800-666-4363. Have VISA or MC number and expiration date ready.

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Heimat Publishers

The biggest single source in North America for books on the Danube Swabians. Publishers of Heimatbote, "a monthly newspaper of the Danube Swabians in Canada and the U.S.A" and distributors for approximately 40 books dealing with Danube Swabian history and culture; many deal with the events of 1944-48. Among the publications available:

Write/call or fax to

1 Lyme Regis Cres.
Scarborough, ON
M1M 1E3a
Add 15% to cover postage & handling.

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Institute for Historical Family Research

Pantzergasse 30/8
A-1190 Vienna
Tel = +43 1 369 97 29
Fax = +43 1 369 97 30

Publications available:

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Verlag Buch und Kunst Kepplerhaus

Offers the book Quellenbuch zur Donauschwäbischen Geschichte , part 3, [Sourcebook for Donauschwaben History] Anton Tafferner, Stuttgart 1978, ISBN 3-921005-24-8. [Search the index to the contents of this work.]

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Verlag Langen Müller

Publishes on behalf of the East German Office of the Culture Ministry (editor Prof. Dr. Wilfried Schlau) a 12-volume study series on the history and development of all German settlement areas in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, up to the present-day:
  1. Die Sudetendeutschen
  2. Die Rußlanddeutschen
  3. Die Deutschen im Posener Land und Mittelpolen
  4. Die Deutschen zwischen Karpaten und Krain
  5. Die Donauschwaben
  6. Die Deutschbalten
  7. Schlesien und die Schlesier
  8. Siebenbürgen und die Siebenbürger Sachsen
  9. Ostpommern und Ostbrandenburg - Land und Leute
  10. Die deutschen Umsiedler aus Ostpolen und Rumänien sowie die Deutschen in der Karpato-Ukraine
  11. Ost- und Westpreußen - Land und Leute
  12. Die Ostdeutschen - eine dokumentarische Bilanz 1945-1995
Verlag Langen Müller
Thomas-Wimmer-Ring 11, 80539 München
Tel.: 089-290880

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Österreichische Landsmannschaft

The "Austria Society" publishes the small books known as "Eckartschriften" which treat short topics on Eastern Europe and the Balkans, for example: Address:
Österr. Landsmannschaft
Fuhrmannsgasse 18a, A-1080 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-482273

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Pannonia Press

Offers the book Barefoot in the Rubble by Elizabeth B Walter. Describes life as a child in the Yugoslavian detention camps of Marshal Tito at the end of world war II, escape from Yugoslavia and her flight through Hungary and Austria to Munich Germany where the family was reunited with the father who had just returned from a Russian slave labor camp. US $28.00 includes shipping and handling.

P. O. Box 1062
Palatine, Illinois 60078-1062

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Pannonia Verlag


This publisher no longer produces books on the Donauschwaben. Some of its publications included:

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C. A. Starke Verlag

This genealogical publisher offers the Deutsche Geschlechterbuch, of which since 1889 over 200 volumes have appeared. It is a sourcebook on German lineage. Several volumes also pertain to historical lineage in East Germany. Many others list works about Germans in the Baltic States.

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Südostdeutsches Kulturwerk

Leo-Graetz Str. 1
D-81379 Munich

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for more details about publications, see Donauschwaben Literature (E)

Arbeitskreis donauschwäbischer Familienforscher (AKdFF)

Donauschwäbische Kulturstiftung e.V.

This is the original source for the Leidensweg series of books which comes in 4 volumes:

Leidensweg der Deutschen im kommunistischen Jugoslawien

Other references include Geschichte der Donauschwaben by Josef Volkmar Senz. This book includes addresses for over 20 Donauschwaben organizations. Several of these put out their own newsletters/newspapers including:

A bibliography includes a list of further bibliographies, some of which include lists of "Heimatbücher" and "Ortsgeschichten".

Write to

Donauschwäbische Kulturstiftung e.V.
Goldmühlstrasse 30
D-71605 Sindelfingen

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Jacob Steigerwald Translation and Interpretation Services

Banat-Topola's Schwaben: 1791-1945 (1992) 8-1/2 x 11, 154 pp. $19.95 Bilingual opus (German & English) Treatise concerning developments in a bilingual Austro-Hungarian village, until its ethnic-German inhabitants were evicted and confined to forced labor camps by Yugoslav partisans under Tito's communist leadership. ISBN 0-9615505-3-2

Profile of an Americanized Danube Swabian Ethnically Cleansed under Tito (2001). A memoir conveying factual insights regarding group background, characteristic positive contributions to society, family lineage, plus European and American social aspects during the second half of the Twentieth Century. Ample details vitalize the narratives. Abundant references render leads for further inquiry. ISBN 0-9615505-4-6, 283 pp. 5.5x 8.5 inches, illus. $29.95 Paperback.

Tracing Romania's Heterogeneous German Minority from Its Origins to the Diaspora. (1985) 8-1/2 x 11, 61 pp. $4.95 Facilitates orientation in genealogical research. ISBN 0-9615505-1-1. Out of print.

To order or write for availability, send to

Jacob Steigerwald Translation and Interpretation Services
5960 S. Estes Street, Littleton, CO 80123-8605, USA

Shipping is included with prepaid orders. Residents of Colorado should add 4.8% sales tax.

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Konrad Theiss Verlag

This is the publisher of the weekly newspaper Der Donauschwabe , the book Das Banat by Helmut Schneider, and some of Werner Hacker's books on emigration from certain parts of Germany. The newspaper often includes book reviews and mentions publications of Heimatbücher by the various associations of former residents, commonly known as HOGs, for HeimatOrtsGemeinschaft.

Konrad Theiss Verlag GmbH & Co.
65 D-7080 Aalen

Write the newspaper at

Der Donauschwabe
Postfach 16 80
73406 Aalen
Editorial Office Phone: 0 73 61 / 5 94-3 95
fax: 0 73 61 / 5 94-1 61

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Oswald Hartmann Verlag

Publisher of the magazine Das Donautal, appearing bi-monthly. The magazine includes special sections on numerous towns, some appearing more regularly than others, including Banat Brestowatz, Banovce, Batsch Brestowatz, Betschkerek, Elek, Ernsthausen Ferdinandsberg, Franzfeld, Hatzfeld, Karansebesch, Karlsdorf, Kikinda, Kubin, Liebling, Miletitsch, Mramorak, Pantschowa, Ploschitz, Stefansfeld, Szekely, Tschawal/Csavoly and Wojlowiza.

This publisher has also published several books on the history and culture of the Danube Swabians, from Heimatbücher to personal histories to references on the works of Stefan Jäger and Adam Müller Guttenbrunn.

Write to

Oswald Hartmann Verlag
Breslauer Str. 36
D-74372 Sersheim

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for more details see: regional publishers .

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Scherer Verlag

Dieser Verlag brachte einige Nachdrucke seltener Bücher zum Thema Galizien, das vergessene Königreich, unter anderen:

Verlag Helmut Scherer
Boothstr. 21a, 12207 Berlin

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