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Geography of the Region

Südwestliches ungarisches Mittelgebirge is in present-day Hungary and includes Veszprém County.


History of the Region

The Central Hungarian Highlands had been re-populated by mostly German westerners by the end of the Austrian Empire's wars with the Ottoman Empire at the end of the 17th century. The colonization was initiated by the nobility and clerical landowners and survived the revolt of Rákóczi during the years 1703-11 to continue until approximately the middle of the next century. Some descendants of early colonists continued on to make migrations further east to the  Banat, the Batschka and other areas as these became accessible following Austrian conquest.

See Veszprém but so far available only in Hungarian.

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Associations and Societies

AKdFF Research Help: Heimatortsgemeinschaften (HOGS): Please note that except where otherwise noted, all the contacts are located in Germany; this should be taken into account when addressing letters. [Top of document]

Colonies List

The Donauschwaben colonies in Southwest Hungarian Mountains are listed in
Villages in "Südwestliches ungarisches Mittelgebirge"

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Books on the history and genealogy of the entire region.

Books (Ortsfamilienbücher) describing the history and genealogy of a specific community within the region.

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