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Printing these Pages
In case you would like to share these web pages with an offline researcher or prefer to read them offline (but please return here often as the page is updated frequently), the following is a list of all the relevant web pages.

dschwaben.html - the main page
dshist.txt - history
dsrec.html - records
dsmap.html - maps
dslit.html - bibliography
dsarch.html - archives
esepub.html - publishers
Regional Pages (print those applicable to your ancestry)
dsbanat.html - Banat
dsbaran.html - Schwäbische Türkei
dsbatsch.html - Batschka
dsbosnia.html - Bosnia
dssathma.html - Sathmar
dsslawon.html - Slavonia
dssum.html - Central Hungarian Highlands
dssyrmi.html - Syrmia
dsmil.html - The Military Border Region
Town Lists (print those applicable to your ancestry)
towns-baranja.txt - Schwäbische Türkei
towns-bosnia.txt - Bosnia
towns-sathmar.txt - Sathmar
towns-slavonia.txt - Slavonia
towns-sum.txt - Central Hungarian Highlands
towns-syrmien.txt - Syrmia
films-banat.txt - Banat Microfilms
films-batschka.txt - Batschka Microfilms
Also, for the Batschka and Banat, you may want to print out the applicable villages from the Village List: dsinfo.htm
Ortsfamilienbücher Pages
OSB.html - introduction
dsban-osb.html - Banat Ortssippenbücher
dsban-osbr.html - Banat Romania Ortssippenbücher
dsbat-osb.html - Batschka Ortssippenbücher
dsbat-osby.html - Batschka Ortssippenbücher Yugoslavia
OSBmisc.html - Miscellaneous, including "Auswanderer" books
AKdFF Pages
/gene/vereine/AKdFF/akdff-en.html - main page
/gene/vereine/AKdFF/akdff-fo.en - membership form
banatbw.gif - Color Image of coat of arms
dsctarms.html - coat of arms description
dspersonal-names.txt - personal names
esetravel.html - travel guide
sprache.html - languages guide
events.html - genealogical events

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