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German Genealogy

Heimatbücher: Slovakia/Slowakei/Slovensko

sl - slowakisch/slovakian
ung. - ungarisch/hungarian (magyar)
Gsp. - Gespannschaft (z^upa, Komitat, roughly a county)
N, O, W, S, M - Nord/North, Ost/East, West, Süd/South, Mittel/Middle
Sl - Slowakei/Slovakia

HB Hilfsbund karpatendeutscher Katholiken. Same address/gleiche Adresse wie KDL.
HiKo Hilfskommittee evang.-luth. Karpatendeutscher. Same address/gleiche Adresse wie KDL.
KDL Karpatendeutsche Landsmannschaft, Schloss-Strasse 92/II, D-70176 Stuttgart
Website: KDL
KLOe Karpatendeutsche Landsmannschaft Oesterreich, Quellenstrasse 95/2, A-1100 Wien
KDM Karpatendeutsches Museum/Muzeum kultury karpatskych Nemcov, Zizkova 14; SK-81436 Bratislava; Slowakei
Webseite: Museum.
E-Mail: .

Die genannten Organizationen sind nicht reich! Bei allen Anfragen Rueckporto beilegen.

The Organizations listed above are not wealthy. When writing them, include enough to cover return postage--2 dollar bills will do. When ordering a book from the USA, remember to include adequate money for postage, which is high in Europe (DM 10 or 5 Euro for a book by surface mail). To pay, do not use personal checks (cashing fees are very high) or Postal Money Orders (can't be cashed in Europe). Use Money Orders sold by banks, such as Western Union money orders. When calculating the amounts in US-$, include the bank fee for changing the currency and cashing the foreign money order. I usually look up the daily rate of exchange in the Washington Post, and then add 15% to cover all fees. In the past years, a dollar has been worth more or less DM 2 or Euro 1.




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3. ZIPS .

  • Altwalddorf. (Sl Stara Lesna)
    Spitzkopf, Andreas, et al., Chronik von Altwalddorf. 1999. A 187 page history of the village, from its foundation in the 13th century by German settlers to the war, when the village of 585 people still was German to 92%, and after 1945-46, when they were ethnically cleansed. In 1997, the post-1945 settlers there celebrated the 700th anniv. of its first recorded mention, and published a history that did not even hint at the native population of the village. And so surviving Altwalddorfer wrote this chronicle. The Chronicle has many pictures and lists of inhabitants. DM 80 plus shipping from Andreas Spitzkopf, Neugarten 45, D-65843 Sulzbach, Taunus, Germany.
  • Deutsch-Litta. (Sl Kopernica)
    Roob, Hans, Julius Roob, Josef Fronz. Deutsch-Litta. 1987. >From HB. DM 48.
  • Dobschau (Sl Dobs^ina, ung. Dobsina)
    Lux, Julius. Dobschau im Karpatenraum. Munich/Gy: Südostdeutsches Kulturwerk 1959. 166 pages plus pictures.
  • Dunajetz Area
    Kobialka, Hans. Deutsche Siedler am Dunajetz. 1998. A 176 page study of the German settlements created by the Habsburg in the mid-18th century after the end of the Turkish wars in that devastated region near Turkish-held Bukowina. The settlers, unlike the other settlers of the Zips who came in the Middle Ages (mine settled in Eisdorf in 1209), were newcomers. The settlements mentionned are Sublechnitz-Unterschwaben, Rotes Kloster, and others, and a note on their descendants who emigrated to Galicia and the Bukowina in the early 19th century. The book includes a memorial essay for Jakob Alexy, who though he was a descendant of the old Zipser, became very interested in the history of these Suebians. Pictures, index and maps are included. To be ordered from the KDL.
  • Eisdorf, (Sl Zakovce, magyar Zsakocz, and Iszakfalva)
    Founded around 1200 by German settlers, whose descendants were ethnically cleansed in 1945. There is no Heimatbuch yet. A good article is Adalbert Wannhof, "Eisdorf, Ein deutsches Dorf in der Oberzips," Karpatenjahrbuch 1990, 77-88.
  • Eisdorf
    Webpage by Thomas Reimer, at Eisdorf
  • Forberg, (Sl Folvarky, s. 1948 Stráne pod Tatrami; ung. Tatraalja)
    Marczy, Oskar, et alii. Forberg, Damals und Heute. Kesmarck/Slov.: ViVit Verlag 1999. 46 DM. KDL.
  • Grosslommnitz, (Sl Velka Lomnica)
    Schmidt, A. Grosslomnitz, Ein deutsches Dorf unter der hohen Tatra. 1988. From KDL.
  • Groß-Schlagendorf, (Sl Velky Slavkov, ung. Nagyszalok )
    Alexy, Eduard, Kobialka, Hans. Gross-Schlagendorf. Geschichte einer deutschen Gemeinde an Fusse der Hohen Tatra. HiKo 2002. Order from HiKo. DM 28.
  • Hochwies-Paulisch, (Sl Velke Pole-Pila)
    Maday, J. Hochwies-Paulisch, Das Siedlungsgebiet um den Reichberg. From HB.
  • Kaesmark. (Sl Kez^marok)
    Hochberger, Ernst. Die Geschichte des Deutschen evangelischen Gymnasiums A.B. in Kaesmark. 1983. Order from: KDL. DM 42.
  • Kaesmark. (Sl Kez^marok)
    Crosette, Barbara. "A rebirth in Eastern Europe." New York Times 19 Nov. 2000, Travel Section, p. 1, 11, 24. Mrs Crosette, with Carpathian German ancestry from Zipser Bela (Roth family), wrote a long article with many pictures, incl. nearby Alt-Schmecks. Carpathian Germans are mentionned in a nice, very un-NYT way. This article is listed because of the paucity of English material.
  • Matzdorf, (Sl Matejovce)
    Budinsky, Ludwig. Matzdorf, Eine deutsche Gemeinde in der Oberzips. 1986. Order from: Alex Glaser, Breslauer Str. 13, D-69488 Birkenau. DM 24.
  • Metzenseifen-Stoß, (Sl Medzev)
    Kauer, Schuerge, Wagner. Metzenseifen-Stoss, deutsche Orte im Bodwatal. 1986. From HB. DM 58.
  • Metzenseifen. A German website at Metzenseifen. The small city used to be split at times into upper and lower Metzenseifen, which belonged to different bishoprics. I have listed them all here, though.
  • Metzenseifen.
    An English website by "Elisabeth," a descendant of pre-1900 immigrants to Cleveland, OH, at Metzenseifen-USA
  • Metzenseifen
    Gardiner, Duncan B. Metzenseifen Booklet. 32p. $22 from Duncan B. Gardiner, 12961 Lake Avenue, Lakewood, OH 44107-1533.
  • Metzenseifen
    Eiben, Christopher. Tori in America. On the immigration of Metzenseifeners to Lakewood/Cleveland before World War I. Privately printed in 1994?, copies available at the Lakewood Public Library. Contact the Metzenseifen-USA webmistress to see if any copies may be purchased.
  • Michalok
    Schuerger, Johann. Deutsche in der Ostslowakei. Stuttgart: Hilfsbund Karpatendeutscher Katholiken 1997.
  • Schwedler. (Sl S"vedlar, ung. Svedlér)
    Piirainen, Ilpo T., Jörg Meier. Das Stadtbuch von Schwedler/Svedlár. Leutschau 1993. A 244 page historical and linguistical study of the German city chronicle from 1567 to 1788. From KDL. DM 20.
  • Stoss, (Sl Stos, ung. Stosz )
    Andreas Metzl, Flachbarth, Schreiber. Geschichte der deutschen evangelischen Kirchengemeinde A.B. zu Stoss. 1998. Order from: HiKo. DM 15.
  • Topportz. (Sl Toporec, ung Toporc)
    Kobialka, Hans. Chronik der Zipser Gemeinde Topportz. From HiKo. DM 25.
  • Zipser Neudorf. (sl: Spis^ska Nova Ves, ung. Iglo)
    Weinelt, Herbert. Zipser Neudorf. Munich/Gy: Verlag Max Schick 1940. 174 pages. Zips Area
    Ulreich, Eduard, P. Rainer Rudolf, Zimmermann. Zipser Land und Leute. Vienna/Austria: KLOe 1982. 162 pages. [Zum Anfang des Dokuments]


    There is nothing available in English, and very little in German. Although this website does not normally list articles, the dearth of material about Carpathian Germans from the Karpatho-Ukraine makes it advisable to do so.

    Probably most of these publications are out of print. But they may be available by interlibrary loan (Bibliotheks-Fernleihe) from libraries in Germany. Several may be available from the Karpatendeutsche Landsmannschaft, Schloss-strasse 92/II, 70176 Stuttgart, Germany at KDL. Ask for the price list. The HB and the HiKo can be reached at the same address.

    Note: Few libraries in the United States have a Carpathian German collection. Usually, if at all, it is an odd book here and there. But the University of Cincinatti has a decent number of books. Check their catalogue at Langsam Library. When searching any cataloue, remember that the changing fortunes of the area produced a salad of keywords, e.g. Germans--Carpathian Mountains, Germans--Hungary, Germans--Czechoslovakia, Germans--Slovakia.

    Die meisten dieser Titel sind wahrscheinlich vergriffen. Eventuell über Fernleihe bestellen, oder die Karpatendeutsche Landsmannschaft KDL fragen, ob ein Exemplar dort noch vorhanden ist.
    Verlags-Liste /our list of Publishers and Bookstores

    Eine andere Möglichkeit ist, das Buch ueber ein Antiquariat zu finden. Ein Antiquariat, dass sich auf Ost- und Südosteuropa spezialisiert, ist Antiquariat Ralf Einhorn, Ludwig-Ey-Str. 22, D-02906 Niesky, Germany, oder per Web Einhorn.
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    The first list was an excerpt from the original article, included in "Geschichte, Gegenwart und Kultur der Donauschwaben", (issue 5, 1994) published by the Landsmannschaft der Donauschwaben, Sindelfingen, Germany.
    Many thanks to Norbert Bambach, Larry Jensen and Rick Heli for their help before 1997. Updates since 1997 are based mainly on the annual Karpatenjahrbuch, published by the KDL.
    Last update: 20-Apr-2002 (TR)
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