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These pages are outdated, they aren't administered any longer. Most content was migrated to GenWiki, but the process isn't finished yet.

Swiss Genealogy on the Internet

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Site Map : overview (all languages) powered by FreeFind

The overview site map starts at the language selection page : in order not to make it too lengthy only the 4 first layers in depth are included, i.e. many pages will not be displayed. To get a layer deeper the site maps below have been defined, starting at the language specific topic selection page, and displaying allmost all pages. Due to the crosslinks between the different laguages, however, also some pages in other languages will be displayed.

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A few selected pages are not available from all SwissGen servers, especially pages of mostly local interest, or "inherited" pages to be incorporated into SwissGen; until they have been completely incorporated, the original pages will still be available from the Basel server only.

Site Map : Basel Extras powered by FreeFind

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