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Canton Graubünden/Grisons (GR)

Rätisches Namenbuch (Vol. III)

Wie benützt der Familienforscher das Rätische Namenbuch
(How to use Rätisches Namenbuch: in German / English version is planned)

Example and explanation of an entry / Table of Contents

Copyright details and exact reference

English - Rumantsch dictionary (not part of Rätisches Namenbuch)

These pages have been made available to help researchers - despite the fact that some further editing is still necessary. Please, allow time for editing, and send your remarks on errors to Pete Mattli.

* Chur s. XII Bruno, presbyter (382), 1359, Johanni
dicto Brun (388), 1379 Uolrich Brûn (263-a), 1494
Johannes Brun (292), 1531 Hans Brun (399);

Rong. 1472 Hänsli Brun (65-a); Langw.-Sapün
1474 stost an Bruns kinds guot (353), 1508 Anna,
Chur s. XII Bruno, presbyter (382)
ß ß ß Source document (see p. 72: Necrologium Curiense, das sind die Jahrzeitbücher der Kirche zu Chur bearbeitet und herausgegeben von W. v. Juvalt, Chur 1867.) (Book of the Dead of Chur, that is the Annual Register of the Church of Chur revised and edited by W. v. Juvalt, Chur 1867)
ß ß Name (Church Elder Bruno)
ß date (on p. 48 it identifies this date as 12th Century)
location (if abbreviated, go to pp. 40 - 46)
In the above example, note also, that the first four names are all from Chur at different dates. The next place listed is Rong. which converts to Rongellen on p. 41; goes on to say that Hänsli Brun was documented in Rongellen in 1472 according to the Kirchenzinsrodel located in Thusis and dated 1472 Number 1. That documentation is found on page 53.
Note the name "Johanni dicto Brûn." Before people had a first and a last name, this was a way of referring to a person. "Dicto" in latin, "genannt" in German, both meant "called." So here they are referring to Johanni of the Brûn family.

Table of Contents

40-46 No numbers Alphabetical list of communities
47-49 No numbers Abbreviations
49-52 No numbers Technical terms
52-56 1-220 Community archives
56 221-262 District archives
56 263-283 Episcopal bishopric archive
56-57 284-319 Remaining archives
57-62 No numbers The older church books of Graubuenden
62-63 No numbers Printed sources
63-73 321-451 Periodicals & magazines
74-82 No numbers Alphabetical list of sources
82-87 No numbers Family histories
87-110 No numbers Bibliography (excerpt only)

This information has been taken from

Robert v. Planta und Andrea Schorta
Rätisches Namenbuch
Band 3: Die Personnennamen Graubündens (1986)
-- Teil 1: Von Rufnamen abgeleitete Familiennamen
-- Teil 2: Von Übernamen abgeleitete Familiennamen

with kind permission by the publisher, which includes author's permission.

© 1986 by A.Francke Verlag, Tübingen and Basel.


Robert v. Planta und Andrea Schorta
Rätisches Namenbuch
Band 1: Materialien (1979)
Band 2: Etymologien (1985)
  Halbbd. 1: Namen romanischen, lateinischen und vorrömischen Ursprungs, Namen deutschen Ursprungs, von Personen- und Familiennamen abgeleitete Orts- und Flurnamen
  Halbbd. 2: Namen fraglicher Herkunft, Varia, Nachträge, Indices
Band 3: Die Personnennamen Graubündens (1986)
  Teil 1: Von Rufnamen abgeleitete Familiennamen
  Teil 2: Von Übernamen abgeleitete Familiennamen

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