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Canton Uri Genealogical Records


If you haven't done so already, it is recommended to read the introductory notes first.

No original Church Records have been filmed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but two other sources are available:

Stammbuch Uri, 1550-1929
[List of families and family members in canton Uri]
This is a collection of all genealogies of Uri families, covering almost 4 centuries! The parishes covered are: Altdorf (since 1584), Amsteg (1874), Andermatt (1640), Attinghausen (1624), Bauen (1626), Bristen (1903 ?), Brglen (1683), Erstfeld (1620), Flelen (1665), Gschenen (1850, previously Wassen) incl. chaplainate Gscheneralp (1781), Gurtnellen (1758), Hospental (1801), Isenthal (1639, previously Seedorf), Realp (1735), Schattdorf (1596), Seedorf (1626), Seelisberg (1621), Silenen (1580), Sisikon (1651), Spirigen (1628), Unterschchen (1764, previously Spirigen), Wassen (1623), Wiler (1917, previously Gurtnellen).

Taufregister vom ganzen Bezirk Uri Abschrift, Regierungsrat, 16 Jhdt. - 1848.
[Baptisms abstracted from the parish registers of canton Uri]
Whether actually all baptismal registers have been copied, would need to be confirmed: comments from people using these films would be welcome!

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