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Canton Jura Genealogical Records

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Ocourt - See St-Ursanne for earlier Catholic Church records
Ocourt* - Registres Paroissiaux Eglise Catholique, 1816-1872
Ocourt - Registres de l'État Civil, 1792-1814
Ocourt - See St-Ursanne (Seigneurie) [Manor of St-Ursanne] for Probate Records 1650-1793

Outremont - See St-Ursanne for Catholic Church records
Outremont - Registres de l'État Civil, 1792-1802. See Cornol for marriages 1798-1800

Peu-Claude - See Les Franches-Montagnes (Seigneurie) (Manor of Les Franches-Montagnes) for early Probate Records

Pleigne* - Registres Paroissiaux Eglise Catholique, 1760-1874.  Includes Civil Records after 1792
Pleigne - Registres de l'État Civil, 1792-1814.  See Cornol for marriages 1798-1800
Pleigne - Actes de Notaire, 1784-1803 (Notarial Records)
Pleigne - See Delémont (Seigneurie) (Manor of Delémont) for early Guardianship, Estate, and Probate Records

Pleujouse - Registres de l'État Civil, 1792-1815. See Cornol for marriages 1798-1800
Pleujouse - See Charmoille for Catholic Church Records
Pleujouse - See Ajoie (Seigneurie) [Manor of Ajoie] for early Guardianship and Probate Records
Pleujouse - See Alle for Manor of Ajoie Estate Records, 1461-1791

Porrentruy* - Also known as Pruntrut.  Seat of the Diocese of the Prince Bishop of Basel until 1792
Porrentruy - Historical Documents of Biel City and South Jura from the former Diocese of Basel
Porrentruy - Catholic Church Records, 1481-1875.  Three churches - St Peter, St. Germanus & the Monastery Church.  Porrentruy - Registres Paroissiaux Eglise Reformée, 1481-1875.  Included with Catholic Church Records
Porrentruy - Registres de l'État Civil, 1792-1815
Porrentruy - Actes de Notaire - earliest 1515, latest 1814 (Notarial Records)
Porrentruy - Discussions et Ventes de Biens, 1595-1792.  (Estate Inquiries & Public Auctions)
Porrentruy - Inventaires et Partages, 1618-1792 (Estate inventories & Settlements)
Porrentruy - Testaments, 1636-1793 (Wills)

Plützhausen - Also known as Pleujouse

Pruntrut - Also known as Porrentruy

Genealogical records by Canton / Genealogische Quellen nach Kanton / Sources Généalogiques par Canton / Fonti Genealogiche per Cantone

Kirchenbuchverzeichnisse / church record inventories / Répertoires des registres de paroisses / Elenchi di archivi ecclesiastici

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