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Ticino Migration to the United Kingdom

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In Britain itself
Biography on the Ticinesi

In Britain itself - Giacomo MONICO (born in 1834 in Switzerland) arrived in London in 1857 being one of several hundred Ticinesi Restaurateurs and Chocolatiers in Central London in the 1847-1880 period.

The Union Ticinesi was founded in 1874 in England (and Giacomo MONICO was a founding member) which provided support to the Ticinesi in Britain. The group still meets regularly today.

Bibliography on the Ticinesi - Continental Taste - Ticinese emigrants and their Café-Restaurants in Britain 1847-1987 by Peter Barber and Peter Jacomelli. Camden History Society Occasional Paper 2. It is of 36 A4 pages, is very detailed and lots of information and is published in English.

Copies are available for purchase from the Camden Local Studies & Archives Centre, Holborn Library, 32-38 Theobalds Road, London, WC1 8PA, Phone 0171 794 1735. The price in 1997 was STER£5-95

This illustrated book recounts their story. It makes a new contribution to business, social and urban history, the history of immigration and catering and the history of Anglo-Swiss relations. It continues to be relevant today, with parallels to be drawn between the experiences of the Italian Swiss in 19th century Britain with those of Indian, Chinese and Bangladeshi immigrants and their restaurants in the Britain of the 1990's.

The book derives its comprehensive list of Ticinesi Restaurateurs & Chocolatiers in central London (1847-1880) from Kelly's Post Office Directories for London during that time. Both names and addresses of the restaurants are given.

Much of the credit for the information on these pages goes to Doctor Joseph Gentilli, the publication GEOWEST and the Department of Geography at the University of Western Australia under Professor John Dodson and is most gratefully acknowledged.

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