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Migration to South America

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Are there descendants in South American Countries today?
Can I do some research myself?

Are there descendants in South American Countries today? - we know that the Ticinesi made their way to various countries in South America. We have confirmation of their descendants living today in Argentina, Peru and Brazil. One attraction was the similarity of Italian to its "sister" Latin languages Spanish and Portuguese.

Peruvians were recently informed that they were able to apply to the re-incorporation of their Swiss nationality but before this can happen they must make contact with Swiss relatives.

Can I do some research myself? - YES, YES and PLEASE advise A. John Parker () so that research guides and ideas can be posted here for all researchers to see.

As you can see our knowledge of migration to this fascinating continent is thin and information is desperately needed to help other researchers.

So, there it is researchers - we look forward to your contributions.

Much of the credit for the information on these pages goes to Doctor Joseph Gentilli, the publication GEOWEST and the Department of Geography at the University of Western Australia under Professor John Dodson and is most gratefully acknowledged.

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