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The History of the Citizen Families of Engi (GL) and their Development

Public lectures by Martin Baumgartner : Index

The History of the Citizen Families of Engi and Their Development
[Zur Geschichte der bürgerlichen Geschlechter von Engi und ihre Entwicklung]

Public Lectures by Martin Baumgartner, Teacher in Engi. Self-published by the author, Glarner Newsprint Shop, Rud. Tschudy, 1923. All questions and corrections regarding the original texts or their translation can be directed to Sue Wolf: .

(Barton Geger, SJ, and Sue Wolf)
(Sue Wolf)
(Steven Schoenig, SJ, and Sue Wolf)
(Sue Wolf)
(Sue Wolf)
( Steven Schoenig, SJ, and Sue Wolf)
(Sue Wolf)
(Sue Wolf)
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Wyss Statistics Table [Appendix]
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(the names given in brackets denote the translators)

The Sernf Valley (Sernftal) in Canton Glarus is named after the Sernf River, flowing into the Linth River at Schwanden. The valley comprises the communes of Engi, Matt and Elm.

Canton abbreviations :
GL = Glarus
GR = Graubünden / Grisons
SG = St. Gallen
SZ = Schwyz
UR = Uri

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