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Diese Webseiten sind technisch und zum Teil auch inhaltlich veraltet; sie werden nicht mehr aktiv gepflegt. Ihr Inhalt wurde weitgehend in das aktuelle Webangebot GenWiki überführt, diese Migration konnte aber noch nicht abgeschlossen werden.

These pages are outdated, they aren't administered any longer. Most content was migrated to GenWiki, but the process isn't finished yet.

LOGO : short description of posting process in English
It has been occasionally observed that only a blank screen is displayed - in this case click on "Reload" (or similar, depending on your browser) - this will usually do the job.
BEWARE: The images below are just screen shots, to indicate where on the screen of the actual forum page you find what; there is no function behind them.
You have to click on the link in the first line to get to the actual forum web page first.

There are two different modes for posting:

  1. Start a new thread: Make sure you have first selected the appropriate subforum! Your posting will be placed in the subforum you were in when submitting your post - as a new thread.

  2. Respond to an existing thread: Make sure you have opened the appropriate thread! Your posting will be appended to the individual posting you were in when submitting your post.

  3. How to add attachments

Whilst anyone can read in the forum, you first have to register and login to be able to post to the forum.

Press "Login" once you have your user name and password.

Enter your user name and password.

It is recommended to activate "Login speichern": this will enable the server to recognise you, next time you visit the forum - no need to login again.

Forgot your password? Click here and enter your mail address on the next page: a new password will be sent to your mail address.

The fact that you are offered to logout indicates that you are logged in. Third button from left (with your name) allows you to view/edit your member profile.
Start a new thread:

First select the appropraite sub-forum: preferrably a cantonal forum. "Schweiz-Allgemein" should only be selected for general topics (not related to a single surname) or if you have no clue from which canton your ancestors originate.

There are two categories of postings:

  • Important topics (general advice): always come at the top of the list. It is recommended to have a look at them first (most are multilingual, incl. English).
    These are not meant to be answered.
  • Other topics (like your query): the latest posts (either new thread or response to an existing thread) come first.
The three most important symbols:
  • open thread: if you have anything to add to such a thread - post your response.
  • closed thread: usually "Vorkommen ..." (occurences of a surname in Switzerland) with general information; your queries should be posted on individual family lines in cantonal forums.
  • editing is possible for individual postings only - and only for your own ones.
Your name is entered automatically by the system.

Thema Icon: are not my favourites - I recommend not to touch them.

Titel: enter the title of your posting.

Textattribute & HRC Codes: I recommend you stay away from these, unless you can read the instructions in German or French.

Text: add your text as plain text. I recommend to make use of smilies as rarely as possible. BEWARE: occasionally your text might get lost during preview - I therefore recommend to write your text with a separate text editor - so you can always copy&paste again.

Make sure to activate notification: you will then be sent an e-mail if a response is posted to your query.

I recommend to preview your text before posting it finally.

Preview allows you to view the actual posting - including your signature (added automatically to all your postings - if you have specified one).

1. looks OK? Then click on "Jetzt posten" to send your query off.

2. text needs to be changed? Either click on "Neuer Versuch" or use the return button of your browser.

Respond to an existing thread:

First select the posting to which you want to respond or add your comments.

"Thread zu den Favoriten hinzufgen" is an alternative way to get e-mail notifications on threads of interest, without having responded to it yourself.

By default the system enters the thread title as title for your posting: edit or replace it if you are commenting e.g. only on a specific aspect.

Apart from that the features of the entry screen are identical to starting a new thread.

But BEFORE you post your first contribution, please, read the basic description of the aims of the forum, and how we hope these can be reached. On the same page you'll also find some sort of an index of existing contributions.

Forum index page / short description of the registration process in English / How to add attachments

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