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US Passport applications, 1795-1924 (Special Passports)

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This is a listing of the microfilm copies made in 1987 by the Genealogical Society of Utah for the Family History Library of original records held at the National Archives in Suitland, Maryland. This lists special passport applications that were issued 1829-1897 and indexes 1829-1894. There are 7 35mm microfilm reels in this collection.

The film numbers given in this list are those of the Family History Library. In some cases item numbers within the film are given separated from the film number by a period. Users can use the film numbers to order these films at their local LDS Family History Center.

Film #    Contents
1463577 Index to special passport applications v. 1. 1829-1887 v. 2. 1872 - 1878 April v. 3. 1878 April 8 - 1887 Sep. 28 v. 4. 1887 - 1894 1549210 Special passports, 1829-1897 Special passports, 1829-1878 v. 1 Also includes Sixty-fifth Congress of the United States of America, 1st Session, House Resolution 4961. 1531648 Special passports, 1846-1858 v. 2 Special passports, 1858-1865 v. 3 w/index Special passports, 1865-1869 v. 4 1531649.1 Special passports, 1869-1873 v. 5 1531649.2 Special passports, 1878-1881 v. 7 Special passports, 1881-1884 v. 8 p. 1-313 1531849 Special passports, 1881-1884 v. 8 p. 312-end Special passports, 1884-1887 v. 9 Special passports, 1887-1890 v. 10 1531850 Special passports, 1890-1891 v. 11 Special passports, 1891-1894 v. 12 Special passports, 1894-1897 v. 13

See also: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Emergency Passports]

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